Unlocking the value of your intellectual property

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The true value of tech businesses does not lie in buildings and physical assets – it lies in its people, and in the intellectual property they create. That is why understanding how IP is created, commercialised and protected in tech is key to the value of your business.

Join us as we reveal how you can safeguard your greatest asset and unlock your business’ full potential.

As well as exploring practical steps you need to take, we will explore the golden rule of IP:

• why talking to your advisers before anything else is so important;
• how to understand novelty in the context of patents;
• the impact of the right agreements and contracts, including confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements; and
• what impact company structure and ownership agreements have on your business.

We know that there are many pressures in the tech sector. Customers want twice as much in half the time. Sprint times get shorter, requirement specifications get longer, and all you seem to focus on is delivering the next milestone on time. But in the huge rush to release, you may be unintentionally leaking valuable intellectual property into the public domain – and once it is gone, it is gone for good.

Join the experts from Berwins Digital and Page White and Farrer to protect your business and avoid missing out on the value of your greatest asset. Join us on 23 September 2021 to find out.




Paul Berwin is one of the leading experts in digital law in the north of England. Paul has over 30 years’ experience supporting tech businesses with expert legal advice. He is Head of Digital Law at Berwins Digital.

Sam Crich is a Senior Associate in the Commercial & Digital Team at Berwins Digital. Sam is a self-professed “tech-nerd”, a member of the Society for Computers and the Law, and specialises in the day-to-day legal issues that businesses face when it comes to their use and deployment of technology and data in the online world such as open source licensing, consumer e-commerce, data processing agreements and contract law generally.

Virginia Driver is a Director of Page White and Farrer, which is a leading firm of European Patent and Trademark Attorneys operating in Leeds, London and Munich. The Leeds office specialises in patent protection for software and AI innovation, and IP strategy for start-ups and scale ups. Virginia is a European Patent Attorney specialising in software and AI innovation and the former president of the Software Commission of the Union of European IP Practitioners.

Tom Woodhouse is also a Director of Page White and Farrer, a European Patent Attorney and Higher Courts Patent Litigator. With a master’s degrees in physics and computer science, Tom has extensive experience of high-tech patent applications in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, blockchain and quantum computing.



About Berwins Digital

Berwins Digital is a specialist law firm for digital businesses. Based at Platform, in the heart of the Leeds tech community, the expert team caters for the full business lifecycle of tech companies – start up, scaleup and established business. The expert legal team supports clients based not only in Yorkshire, but across the UK and internationally, with clients the US, Europe and Australasia.

About Page White and Farrer

Page White and Farrer is one of the leading firms of specialist patent and trademark attorneys in Europe with offices in the UK (London and Leeds) and Germany. Page White and Farrer is experienced in all aspects of intellectual property law, and our clients range from multinational companies to small start-ups and individual inventors.



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Unlocking the value of your intellectual property
23rd Sep 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Berwins Digital

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