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User experience is subjective; however, the design process is objective.

From modern-day technologies offering never-before-seen capabilities to digital product creators and end-users, devices and software that improve each year, and this ever-growing consumeristic appetite for innovations.

In sponsorship with our good friends Opencast and part of the Leeds Digital Festival, Transition Partners are bringing together a powerhouse of 4 pioneering trailblazers in User Centre Design to highlight the importance of accessibility within design at all levels.

David Keats-Croft, Head of UX Small Business at SageKeshia Knights, Head of Design at VET-AIAndy Curry, UX Director at Lion + Mason UX agency and Darren Armstrong, Head of UX at iVendi will provide insight into the importance of the initial stages of design and evaluation; with hopes to inspire their audience and prove that designer own a seat at the table.

Driving a positive narrative for the design community, this inclusive in-person event will also take a deep dive into content, design, interaction, service and accessibility, and how they all combine as one to create the ultimate consumer journey.

Join us for an evening of tech talks followed by a live Q&A, networking, drinks and pizza as we focus on the value user centre-design methodologies and the impact it has on the interface of usability and accessibility.

Social & Networking, UI/UX/Design
29th Sep 2022 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Hosted by Transition Partners
2 Bond Court, Leeds, LS1 2JZ

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