Three Marketing Trends that will Affect your Growth

Hosted by Open Velocity

Effective marketing strategy requires us to look beyond the here and now and address the trends that will impact businesses beyond the current cycle. Identifying and understanding these is essential for investors, business owners and CEOs as they will shape the landscape within which businesses operate over the next few years.

To identify these we’ve combined what our clients are telling us with current data trends and where investment is flowing to create a window into the future, indicating the challenges, opportunities, resource requirements and capability needs the fast-growth businesses we work with can expect to face in 2024, 2025 and beyond.

We’ve distilled these insights into three key principles that we believe will shape the playing field for businesses beyond the current economic climate, based around the emerging marketing and growth trends that few people are yet focused on but which we believe smart companies are starting to pay attention to.

Our goal for this webinar is for everyone to come away with a clearer view of the marketing landscape that’s waiting just around the corner. We hope you find it a useful insight into the challenges and opportunities appearing on the horizon.



A B2B marketer and entrepreneur, with over 12 years marketing experience leading to Marketing Director level, Bethan knows what it’s like to start your own businesses, having founded Open Velocity in 2022. She’s a regular speaker at international conferences and podcast host of ‘The Brave’. She’s been responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies in highly competitive B2B SaaS and technology services environments.


A B2C & B2B marketer with close to 20 years of marketing experience, Jon has managed global marketing teams, worked in large organisations and start-ups, and knows what it’s like to be part of a founding team. He’s worked in-house across travel, tech and communications with some time spent agency side too. He’s also an Associate Lecturer of Marketing at Falmouth University.


A B2C and B2B marketer, with 30 years marketing experience, 10 years at Chief Marketing Officer / Director level, Lisa has worked in private equity, large corporates and start-ups across multiple sectors, including FinTech, Financial Services, Travel & Legal Services. She’s built brands from the ground up, grown businesses and optimised marketing performance, working in roles spanning the full spectrum of marketing disciplines.

Data, Fintech, Marketing & PR
Three Marketing Trends that will Affect your Growth
29th Sep 2023 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Hosted by Open Velocity

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