The Why, How, and Now of Untapping Value with Business Analysis

Hosted by The Data Shed

Analysts were originally brought into the workplace to close the gap between a company’s computer department and the rest of the business. With the technology gap now largely closed and Business Analysts adding value in a variety of project environments, the field is still misunderstood and underutilised. In this session, we’ll go through the role and value of a Business Analyst in the modern day, ideas for current Business Analysts to add more value to their clients, along with tips for business professionals on how to fully leverage your time with a Business Analyst.

Whether you’re an existing Business Analyst looking for a new way of working or a business professional considering working with a Business Analyst, you’ll walk away with a new outlook on the profession and tools you can implement to add value right away.


About Sallie Holt:

Sallie Holt is the Lead Business Analyst at the Data Shed. She’s worked in technology since 2015, performing roles ranging from Product Owner to Delivery Manager, and of course Business Analyst. Her experience is deeply rooted in the financial services sector, and in particular, the wonderful world of data, where she has worked with a variety of clients from the telephony, software, insurance, and charity sectors.

Aside from her work as a Business Analyst, Sallie is an avid runner, swimmer, and cyclist. She likes to have a good laugh and enjoy the great outdoors with a tasty meal ahead of her.

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Careers & Education
The Why, How, and Now of Untapping Value with Business Analysis
21st Sep 2022 11:00am - 11:30am
Hosted by The Data Shed

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