The University of Leeds Data Strategy and Service

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What is the problem?

Data is essential to day-to-day operation as well as longer-term planning and performance management. It also powers vital research that enables the discovery of new and innovative approaches. A Data Strategy sets out a vision and a clear action plan to make better use of data. It provides an overarching narrative and a plan to address the current cultural, behavioural, and structural barriers, with the ultimate goal of a system-wide model that is underpinned by high-quality, readily available data.

Why is it a problem? What unique insights do you have?

Drawing upon experience at the University of Leeds where currently the organisation collects, stores, and processes data in silos across the organisation with tailored point-to-point integration between over 250 applications. This leads to added complexity and inefficiencies, increases the security risks and costs of deploying new applications, and has a negative impact on the ease of access to business intelligence.

How can this problem be resolved? What guidance are you offering?

A strategy delivers a strong set of commitments showing how we can build engagement with and generate a passion for data, and promote this transformative work even further. The strategy will set out our mission to unleash the unlimited potential of data in education and research both at the University of Leeds and beyond while maintaining the highest standards of privacy, ethics, and accountability.

Delegates will take away from this session how to:

– Build understanding on how data is used and the potential for data-driven innovation, improving transparency to have control over how to use data
– Promote appropriately governed data access and sharing across the sector, providing the best support possible throughout an organisation
– Build the right foundations – technical, legal, regulatory – to make that all possible

The presentation will be delivered by Monica Jones.

This event is intended for professionals working with data, anyone who wishes to get to know more about data strategy, and people who are looking for work in data or wish to get into the sector.

The University of Leeds Data Strategy and Service
26th Sep 2022 10:30am - 11:30am
Hosted by University of Leeds

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