The role of digital in weight management

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Thursday 24th September






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The government obesity strategy launched in July this year encourages the whole nation to kick start health, get active and eat better. Important components of the strategy are to: 1) Empower everyone with the right information to make healthier choices; 2) Give everyone a fair deal; 3) Shape marketing to our children. Digital has a clear role to play in supporting this agenda from responsible digital marketing and social influencers to providing inclusive digital weight management support to everyone who needs it.

But are digital weight management resources reaching the people that need them? How can we make sure these resources are as accessible and inclusive as possible? How do we ensure people want to use them? And what is the role and impact of social media, influencers and marketing on supporting healthier lifestyle behaviours.

This knowledge-sharing and action-planning event will explore the barriers and facilitators of digital in weight management, and how we can apply this learning to provide effective and inclusive digital weight management support.

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