The power of Brand to unlock growth in Tech

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Brand isn’t just shapes and colours. Sure, your visual identity is vital for attracting an audience, but ultimately your Brand is powerful as a manifestation of who you are as a company.

When considered carefully and creatively, the brand experience can influence the full customer journey – driving product adoption and extending your market reach.

Last year, Glean was still known as Sonocent, a decade-old, award-winning brand specialising in assistive note taking technology to support students with disabilities. But our Tech for Good mission is more ambitious than what Sonocent could achieve: we want to reach over one million learners of any ability who have fundamental barriers to effective learning.

With our rebrand, we’ve created a new category in EdTech that has empowered us to reach a new generation of learners and start breaking into different markets.

Join us as we share our rebrand journey and what we learned about:

– Identifying the best category for your business vision
– Designing a brand strategy with targeted appeal
– Leveraging storytelling as a key brand device
– Understanding the role of brand in product adoption and sales
– Using creativity to accelerate brand awareness

Dave Tucker, CEO & Founder at Glean 

Dave is a visionary leader and disruptor within the EdTech industry.

Dave is passionate about helping people to gain the confidence and ability to reach their learning potential. It’s this passion that led him to create Glean, a note taking app that helps learners of all abilities learn more effectively from classes and lectures. At the heart of Glean’s success is its focus on improving learning outcomes by creating solutions to overlooked challenges with classroom and lecture learning. The impact of Dave’s leadership is seen through sustained revenue growth and the establishment of a thriving customer base of over 500 universities in the US market.  Dave now leads an 80-strong team in Leeds and is an active contributor in the EdTech and Scale Up communities, speaking both nationally and internationally.

Dave is an unwavering advocate for the power of creative thinking and the role that brand plays in realising Glean’s Tech for Good mission.


Katherine Hamilton, Head of Brand at Glean

Katherine is a brand and storytelling strategist and spokesperson within the EdTech industry.

Combining a decade of welfare, creative, and brand expertise, Katherine specialises in purpose-driven brand development. Katherine moved client-side 5 years ago and has revelled in the challenges of aligning company and brand strategy, creating holistic brand experiences, and establishing a dedicated Brand department.

At Glean, Katherine is responsible for building a world-class EdTech brand that disrupts the learning space. In 2021, Katherine led Glean’s rebrand which challenged existing categories and accelerated marketing results. In the EdTech industry, Katherine is now an established speaker on learning science and Universal Design for Learning.

Marketing & PR, Startups
The power of Brand to unlock growth in Tech
23rd Sep 2022 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Glean
Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds LS10 1PZ

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