SeeU in Leeds- Real World Assets Tokenisation and DAOnization

Hosted by SeeDAO

Join us for a deep-dive discussion on “Real World Assets Tokenisation: Understanding its Impact and Viability in the Web 3 Industry.” With the web 3 industry buzzing with this new concept of Real World Assets-Tokenisation (RWA), we aim to address key questions: What does RWA entail? How could it revolutionise our world? Is it feasible in practice? Can we apply it to the future of Leeds development?

To help unravel the complexities of RWA, we have invited esteemed speakers and industry-leading investors who will illuminate its potential and applications. Engage in this insightful dialogue and understand how RWA could redefine traditional finance, creating fresh opportunities across multiple sectors.


Event Agenda:

15:00 – 15:10: Welcome and Introduction
– Kick-off session with an overview of the event aims and

15:10 – 15:30: Understanding Real World Assets
Tokenization (RWA)
– An introduction to RWA, its origins, and core concepts

15:30 – 15:50: Exploring the Impact and Viability of RWA in
the Web 3 Industry
– A deep-dive into how RWA can potentially revolutionize the
web 3 industry and its practical feasibility

15:50 – 16:10: RWA – The Game Changer for Traditional
– Explore how RWA could redefine conventional financial
systems and unlock new opportunities

16:10 – 16:25: Panel Discussion and Q&A

– An interactive session with our esteemed speakers
addressing queries and facilitating discussion on RWA's
potential and challenges

16:25 – 16:30: Closing Remarks
Summary of key points from the discussion and closure of
the event

We look forward to your participation and engagement in exploring the potential of Real World Assets Tokenization

Don’t miss this illuminating event that bridges the theoretical and practical aspects of RWA, delivering valuable insights
that could shape the future of web 3 and beyond. Be part of this influential conversation. Secure your spot today and join the forefront of this pioneering discussion.



Mr. Yan Meng is a distinguished figure in the blockchain community, co-founding and currently serving as the Co-CEO of Solv Protocol. He is instrumental in the creation of the ERC-3525 token standard, the pioneering standard for Semi-fungible Tokens, which has revolutionised the representation of advanced digital assets, financial instruments, and digital contracts. Under his leadership, Solv Protocol, dedicated to the management and trading of ERC-3525 tokens, has garnered the support of industry giants like Binance, Blockchain Capital, and Spartan Group, among others. In the Chinese-speaking blockchain realm, Mr. Meng’s influence is profound. He has held the position of Deputy Director at the Chinese Institute of Digital Assets and served as a Consultancy Expert for the China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance. His expertise in tokenomics and digital asset research is unparalleled, leading him to offer consultancy and training services to industry behemoths such as Tencent, Lenovo, and Binance. Before his illustrious journey in blockchain, Mr. Meng was associated with IBM, where he held a pivotal role as a senior manager in Strategic Communications. There, he was directly under the aegis of the Chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China Group. His contributions to IBM’s strategic initiatives in China, including the Smarter Planet and Blockchain initiatives, have been recognised with numerous corporate and industry accolades.

Speakers Include:

Community & Society, Data, Web3 & Metaverse
SeeU in Leeds- Real World Assets Tokenisation and DAOnization
21st Sep 2023 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Hosted by SeeDAO
University of Leeds, Woodhouse, Leeds, UK

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