The Importance of Digital Wellbeing in Hybrid Working

Hosted by Live More Offline

Discover how to start building a culture that supports your team’s wellbeing, performance and deepens human connection in a digital age.


With the large-scale move to remote working and now a move to hybrid working, understanding how to build a healthy digital culture is vital for organisations to succeed in the future. It can make the difference in attracting increasingly mobile employees looking for a healthier work culture, inclusion for remote workers and caring for wellbeing and performance.


This event is for you if:

– Your teams have experienced Zoom fatigue, ineffective remote meetings, and ‘always on’ working
– Your people are struggling with increased digital communications and feel greater pressure to be visible online during the working day
– You’re concerned about the effects of remote isolation, especially for those still connecting digitally as we move to more hybrid working
– You want to create a hybrid working culture which helps individuals and teams thrive through healthier digital habits


Alex La Via, digital wellbeing consultant from Live More Offline, will share the knowledge you need to begin creating a healthy digital culture.


By the end of the session, you will:

– Understand why a healthy digital culture is vital to ensure wellbeing and high performance in hybrid work
– Recognise the growing form of presenteeism, digital presenteeism, and how can you reduce its impact on your team
– Be aware of recent developments and the future direction of ‘right to disconnect’ legislation, and what this could mean for your organisation
– Have practical questions, and examples to help evaluate your organisation’s digital culture


“This is the most important opportunity in living memory to change the way we all work for the better” – Richard di Benedetto, President at Aetna Int’l


Join this session to take steps to a healthier digital culture in your workplace.

Careers & Education, Community & Society
The Importance of Digital Wellbeing in Hybrid Working
22nd Sep 2021 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Hosted by Live More Offline

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