The Impact of a Cookie-less World

Hosted by Crunch Digital Media

How to protect your digital marketing strategies from the impacts of a cookie-less world: A new digital era is coming… are you ready?

With the implementation of Apple’s iOS 14 and Google having announced plans to phase out the third-party cookie, traditional digital marketing strategies could become up to 80% less effective. Unfortunately, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles…

So, in this new cookie-less world, how will you reach your target audience and protect your bottom line?

Fear not. By working more effectively with data, you can still enjoy sustainable, efficient and effective reach while respecting consumer privacy.

Plus, as a data-driven agency, we’ll suggest tactics to employ a wider range of data sources and technology to discover consumers’ interests.

In this webinar, our PPC expert, Martin Hughes, will demystify the following:

+ The differences between first- and third-party cookies

+ How your re-targeting social campaigns will be affected

+ Quick tips to help you re-strategise your digital marketing campaigns

Crunch Digital Media is a collaborative agency that flourishes by championing multiple channel synergy across SEO, PPC and digital media buying.

Our teams have decades of experience delivering effective growth campaigns based on creating data driven insights through information frameworks, data analysis, market and consumer insights.

Data, Marketing & PR
The Impact of a Cookie-less World
29th Sep 2021 11:00am - 11:30am
Hosted by Crunch Digital Media

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