‘The Good Book’ Virtual Performance | Meet the team behind the tech

Hosted by Arup

Join us for a panel session to meet the creators behind the virtual experience of ‘The Good Book’.

We will look behind the scenes as a virtual panel explores why they collaborated, the technology engaged, and the wider benefits seen by the local community. 


Arup, Slung Low,  Epic Games and LocLab Consulting have created a short experimental theatre experience using Unreal Engine, and launched as part of Leeds Digital Festival on 29th September. They have brought together digital twin modelling, gaming technology and live performance to create a virtual way of engaging with theatre, explored by audience members at a time and place to suit them.

How did we do it?

This experiment could only be delivered through a true collaboration between industry, creatives and members of the public. The Arup Digital team applied their knowledge of digital twin modelling working alongside LocLab and Slung Low to develop creative content in a new medium. To meet the creators behind the experience, a look at the technology engaged and the wider benefits seen, join us for a live panel session on 1st October at 3pm. You will be able to ask the panel questions via a live Q&A chat.


Our panel will be:


Joanna Resnick, Slung Low 


Hi. I’m a Producer at Slung Low and am the go-to for anything – from fundraising to budgets to managing projects. Fun fact: I did my degree in Biochemistry before forging a career in the arts.


Neil Hooton, Arup 

Based in Leeds, I am responsible in Arup for the implementation of our digital transformation strategy across all our Building Engineering teams in the UK. With more than 20 years experience I’m not afraid to push the boundaries of the technology we use to test its applications in other sectors.


Jenny Thomas, Arup 

Hello! I am a Team Co-ordinator in Leeds. Not many people at Arup know that I have an upbringing in the performing and visual arts, so it’s been great to apply my creativity to our event this year. I’ve been creating storyboards, modelling avatars of the actors and then animating them in Unreal Engine. I’ve really enjoyed applying these new skills.


Simon Blakeney, Epic Games 

Hello, I am a Technical Account Manager at Epic Games. I’m also a digital specialist with extensive experience in producing VR experiences, LiDAR, AR and Unreal Engine solutions.  My work spans a range of industries where I augment technologies to solve complex three dimensional problems.


Dr Ilka May, LocLab

Hi, for almost two decades, I’ve been involved with spatial data and technologies, and I previously co-chaired the EU BIM Task Group. At LocLab, our digital twins are revolutionizing business processes providing object-based virtual images of existing or planned buildings, technical facilities or entire cities, they provide a completely new intuitive access to asset data.

Arts, Culture & Music, Community & Society, Diversity and Inclusion
‘The Good Book’ Virtual Performance | Meet the team behind the tech
01st Oct 2021 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Hosted by Arup

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