The future for artificial intelligence in health and care -Dystopian future or digital pardise? You decide!

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Tuesday 23rd April



Co>Space North ,
Platform, New Station Street ,
Leeds , LS1 4JB



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It could be argued we have hit peak hype in public discourse relating to AI and big data in health and care – it is variously the silver bullet that will save the NHS or a nightmare of surveillance and state control over our every lifestyle decision.

We are thrilled to have an expert panel who are not afraid of ripping in to the hype and steering us through the choppy waters of ethics, governance, relationships and ultimately what we need to ensure AI can help us all be more human whilst improving health and care services we all treasure.

Ivana Bartoletti will focus on the benefits and outline the main privacy and ethical challenges that go with them. Carl Austin will share a dystopian take on where we are heading if this all goes horribly wrong.

We’ll then move on to considering how we create the best conditions within health and social care for AI driven innovation to make a difference in practice settings via the wise words of Simon Sear, who will share thoughts about innovation at pace within organisations. Guy Player will focus on the shift of AI expertise, leadership and talent from it’s origins in academia towards private sector organisations and in particular the hyperscale providers. Kate and Ciaron will then drill down into the ethics of IT for practitioners at the coal face within the NHS and share their ideas about how individuals maintain a responsible tech orientation in everyday practice.

More than just an event, we want to identify the main ingredients of a Manifesto for Responsible AI in Health and Care that we will publish as part of the Leeds Digital Festival. We will do this through a one hour workshop session at the end of the event for those of you who want to get stuck into some good old fashioned workshop problem solving.

Our speakers:
Ivana Bartoletti regularly writes and feature in the media in both the UK and overseas, including the Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Radio4, the Guardian and the BBC world, commenting on privacy, data ethics and innovation. With twenty years of experience in international public life, including as advisor to the Romano Prodi government in Italy, She speaks at events and conferences on digital ethics, the governance and norms of AI as well as equality and international affairs.

Simon Sear describes himself as a Corporate Growth Hacker: part designer, part technologist, part entrepreneur, part punk. Mostly he helps people in corporates take action to incubate and scale new things that lead to business transformation. He started his career as a psychologist 25 years ago, but pivoted to contracting in an IT department as a Business Analysts and Project Manager when he found it didn’t earn him enough money to pay for his wedding. Along his journey he has run large Global IT teams, written 4 books and remained happily married!

Guy Player is a Senior Manager in Accenture’s UK Health practice and is passionate about using technology to transform the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. A trained clinical pharmacist, Guy focusses predominantly on working with clients to improve how data can be used more effectively to drive efficiencies in the health system, provide clinicians with the information required at the point of care and patients with access to their data.

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