The Data Crowd – Festival of Data Session #2: Mesh & Modelling

Hosted by The Oakland Group

A space for Data Leaders to collaborate, network, share ideas and hear from industry experts about common challenges businesses face today.

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The Data Crowd is an invite only community to provide a secure space for Data Leaders to share ideas and experiences, build relationships and learn from industry experts.

The group will run regular in-person meetups throughout the UK, hosted by our partners The Oakland Group & HyperFinity.

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Session #2 – Mesh & Modelling

Wednesday 28th September – 3.30pm to 6pm

Venue – Sky Betting & Gaming, 4 Wellington Pl, Leeds LS1 4AJ


Session 2: Mesh & Modelling

3.30pm – Is Data Modelling a Lost Art?

4.30pm – Practical Steps to get started with Data Mesh

5.30pm – Networking and Nibbles

3.30pm – Talk #3: Is Data Modelling a Lost Art?

With the proliferation of new data tools designed to make life easier, have we lost the art of data modelling and data architecture to a lesser degree?

Have these new tools removed the need to consider all the complications and consequences of not fully understanding the relationships between your data?

This is never truer than when dealing with a particularly complicated organisation. You’re in for a world of pain when things go wrong, and the necessary foundational data modelling activity hasn’t been carried out.

This session seeks to explore what data modelling really is (the good, the bad, the ugly), why you should do it, and what to do if you’re now playing catch-up. We also tackle who in your organisation should do it and what skills you will need. How is this different from other architectural disciplines (or is it even different?)? Or do you believe we no longer need data modelling because these new tools have it nailed, allowing us to just get on with stitching it together and developing ever-more automated pipelines?

Speaker line-up:

For this session, we are joined by Jeremy Park (Senior Data Architect) from Sky Betting and Gaming. By his own admission, Jeremy is more of a pragmatist (think the Jack Dee of data) and Rachel Goodyear (Analytics Consultant) from Hyper.

Jeremy and Rachel will be critiquing some of the developments in methods tooling that drive us towards a more agile and product-driven delivery of data products and sharing their honest experiences of what they have seen work and, sometimes more importantly, what has failed.

4.30pm – Talk #4: Practical Steps to get started with Data Mesh

Everyone’s talking about Data Mesh. So what is it and how do you apply Data Mesh in the real world.

Our panel of experts discuss the in’s and out’s of Data Mesh: What it is; Why is it significant; Who is it for; and How you can practically apply Data Mesh to your organisation.

Speaker line-up:

Andy Mott – Lead Solution Architect, Data Mesh @ Starburst: Andy is the EMEA Head of Partner Solutions Architecture and Data Mesh Lead at Starburst. With over 20 years in analytics and data-focused roles, Andy’s specific focus is considering how an organisation’s use of analytics, analytical culture and analytical processes can be optimised through technologies such as self-service data tools, cloud, and streaming analytics.

Dickson Lui – Head of Architecture @ The Oakland Group: Head of Architecture and Technical Lead across a number of high profile Oakland projects, Dickson brings a wealth of Data experience from a career spanning over a decade.


If you have any questions about this event or want more information about how you can get involved in the data crowd, please email [email protected]

See you there!

The Data Crowd – Festival of Data Session #2: Mesh & Modelling
28th Sep 2022 3:30pm - 6:00pm
Hosted by The Oakland Group
Flutter HQ, 4 Wellington Place, Leeds, LS1 4AJ

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