The AI Landscape – Insights, Vision and Shaping the Future

Hosted by The University of Law

This event brings together Tech leaders, professional bodies and educators to look at the development and integration of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the education and commercial sectors.

This session is interactive and we are looking for input to help shape future directions and policy in-and-around AI.

In particular, how we train and develop students, educators and employers to embrace the positive aspects of AI as well as
being aware of ethics, resistance to change and potential challenges/disruptors that need to be navigated on the journey towards positive exploitation of the benefits AI has to offer.

Who is this session aimed at?
Thought leaders from across industry and academic, especially those with an interest in, or who are impacted by, developments in artificial intelligence (generative AI, explainable AI).

We are looking for leaders interested in shaping and embracing the use of AI and to
understand the skills needs and governance requirements to safely exploit the
benefits that AI has to offer

Why should you attend this event?
Artificial Intelligence has made significant impacts in society and is now seen as an important digital skills for all employees to have. However, the infancy of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, DALLE-E and Bard mean that there are still significant
gaps and challenges that must be faced. In order to ensure we have safe and effective use of AI we must identify the ground rules and develop policy. To do this we need a collaborative effort from academia and industry to ensure we can
maximise the benefits that AI can deliver.

The event:
We will be looking to capture views and ideas from all participants through use of Mentimeter and flip charts in order to set up a roadmap for the way forward and to inform the development of modules and courses that will integrate AI across technology and other disciplines in order to deliver the skills that industry needs, and to help graduates develop a clear concept of what AI is, how is can be used responsibly and to avoid the dangers of exposing sensitive information, whilst giving them the skills they need to fully embraced the power and benefits that AI has to offer.

Panel members:

Henry Warner, Legal Engineer, Juro: Henry is a Legal Engineer with a passion for the application of AI in the field of Legal Technology. He has experience of Law, having completed an MA Law with a focus on smart contracts. He is passionate about ensuring the safe and effective adoption of AI and related technologies to the legal field, and has delivered many interesting talks around the impact, benefits and challenges that lawyers can face when looking to embrace AI.

Michael Ward, CEO, Third Foundation: As the CEO of Third Foundation, Michael draws from the company’s deep roots in language analytics. This foundation facilitated the creation of tools like Prospect Intelligence, which employs language models for business classification. Beyond this, the team also addresses more prevalent challenges, aiding companies with prediction-based solutions. Prior to this, as co-founder of a marketing tech company, the organisation developed its own latent semantic index for the web back in 2007 which, through its deep understanding of language, helped it become one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK. Michael’s expertise bridges marketing, sales outsourcing, and the evolving landscape of technology and he has a passion for the cultural adoption of technologies within businesses.

Dr Nicky Danino: Nicky has over 20 years experience in higher education and is currently the Head of Department of Computer Science at Leeds Trinity University. She is passionate about developing graduates with the skills needed and is deeply involved in shaping technology. Alongside her academic role she is also Vice-Chair of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing, and contributes significantly to the BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT through her membership of the Academic Accreditation Committee. She is also a STEM Ambassador.

Dr Paul Sant: Paul has over 20 years of experience is higher education and is currently the Head of Computer Science at The University of Law. He is passionate about developing talent that can apply technology across all disciplines. He is an active member of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computer and also an active STEM Ambassador. He has contributed to development of frameworks and policies and is an advocate for the safe use of AI for the betterment of society.

Olivia Wolfheart BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT: Olivia is the Membership Engagement Manager at BCS where she has held a number of positions over the past five years. She is passionate about the BCS and working with children and young people around the use of technology. Prior to joining the BCS, Olivia was a teacher of information technology and her work around education is vitally important to the development of our educational provision and the work of BCS in shaping education, representing the view of IT professionals at various levels and to shaping the future of Information Technology.


This event is in-person and live streamed.

AI & Machine Learning, Careers & Education, Sustainability & Net Zero
The AI Landscape – Insights, Vision and Shaping the Future
20th Sep 2023
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Hosted by The University of Law
The University of Law, Leeds Campus, 15-16 Park Row, LS1 5HD

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