The AI-Advantage: How E-Commerce and Retail Giants are Transforming Search Strategies

Hosted by Jaywing

AI has transformed what it means to be a marketer in retail and ecommerce.

With its ability to enable smarter data-led decisions, optimise campaigns, and achieve more powerful results than ever before – it’s the ultimate tool for the marketers of tomorrow.

Join Jaywing’s SEO, Paid Media, and Artificial Intelligence specialists as we delve into the pivotal AI trends driving changes in the search landscape, including how this technology is propelling renowned retail and ecommerce brands – like industry giant, Domino’s – to new heights of success.

You’ll uncover the transformative power of AI across key areas, including:

1. The evolving search landscape

Get up to speed with Google’s new Search Generative Experience and AI shopping features, TikTok’s use of AI for product identification, and Meta’s AI ranking system and language model, LLaMA.

2. Advanced keyword strategies

From adapting to Google’s removal of Broad Match Modified match types, to streamlining account structures, you’ll learn how to use AI to make quicker decisions and maximise your reach.

3. Search ads and bidding solutions

Explore how brands are leveraging machine learning technology to deliver high-performing, hyper-targeted ads, and why manual bidding has become a thing of the past.

Join our panel of experts, Sam Cant, Matt Kerridge, and Tom Child, as they reveal how you can leverage these trends to your advantage – empowering you to deliver high-performing, hyper-targeted ads that skyrocket your ROI.

AI & Machine Learning, Innovation, Marketing & PR
The AI-Advantage: How E-Commerce and Retail Giants are Transforming Search Strategies
19th Sep 2023 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Jaywing

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