‘Test and trace’ to tried and tested – the future of your admission system

Hosted by The Digital Culture Network

Over the past year many organisations have had to significantly change the way they work, not only to meet government regulations, but also to make sure customers feel safe upon return to venues. Whilst these changes may have presented challenges, they also open up opportunities for income generation and to gather valuable visitor attendance insight.

Join Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Network for this one-hour webinar where Phil Lofthouse, Tech Champion for Box Office & Ticketing/CRM and Yorkshire, will explain why now could be the perfect time to consider how your revised admissions processes might work for your organisation in the long term.


In this session, you will learn:

– How to implement ticketing and attendance tracking without creating barriers to entry
– Ways to grow your fledgling ticketing operation
– How to use ticketing to boost donations
– The hidden benefits of tracking visitor attendance (and some not-so-hidden ones too)


What level is it?

Beginner to Intermediate level – The session will be accessible for organisations who have not yet tried ticketing but will be more meaningful to those who have introduced the practice recently or have a basic system in place.


For more information about the session and the digital skills support the Digital Culture Network provides to the arts and culture sector, follow the booking link or head to our website www.digitalculturenetwork.org.uk.


Arts, Culture & Music, Data
‘Test and trace’ to tried and tested – the future of your admission system
22nd Sep 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by The Digital Culture Network

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