Tech Innovation for Social Inclusion

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Thursday 1st October






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Whilst everyone has suffered hardship through the pandemic, young people have been dealt a terrific blow as a result of school closures. Economic uncertainty and a challenging job market means that we need to double our efforts to help young people find their way forward.

Tech is already a key growth sector in Yorkshire where we are struggling to meet demand for new minds to enter the workplace, but how can we reach and inspire these young people if we can’t see them in the flesh?

Experts predict the gap in achievement between the best- and worst-off young people could widen by up to 75%, so how can we make sure that the digital sector in Leeds is doing everything it can to make this industry a welcoming and exciting prospect for young people before they leave formal education?

Promoting social mobility, inclusivity and aspiration are not things that we can afford to compromise on as we start our recovery from the pandemic. This informative seminar will explain:

The new and surprising challenges young people face since the pandemic broke
The results of a pilot Ahead Partnership carried out with Leeds schools and employers to engage young people in careers activity while lockdown was taking place
How your organisation can make a difference to those young people, help them seriously consider a career in digital and position your employer brand with school leavers considering a career in tech.

We’re asking the business community, education sector and volunteers to join with us to help our economy and young people bounce back. Find out how, here!