Taming the CI/CD Misfits: Applying CI/CD to databases and Integration buses

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Friday 3rd May



Asda ,
Asda House, Great Wilson Street ,
Leeds , LS11 5AD



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Transformational journey on development ways of working utilising CI/CD practices in ASDA & George @ ASDA

Asda is the second largest supermarket in the UK by market share, and George at Asda is the second largest clothing retailer in the UK by volume, which is currently undergoing a complete re-platform for most applications into SAP.

So there is no better time to keep up with the latest improvements in development techniques and we welcome you to an interactive & lively session to hear, discuss and witness one of the buzzing development practices – Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment in action at Asda and George @ Asda.

The session will provide food for thought to most technology enthusiasts from learners to experienced developers looking to adopt smarter ways of working.

Industry overview of CI/CD & best practices

Presenter: TCS will provide an industry overview of CI/CD, along with; upcoming trends, relation of CI/CD to DevOps, different “flavours” of CI/CD, and newer technologies which simplify CI/CD.

Real life examples of Database development – CI/CD principles & Dev Ops journey for future in George @ Asda

Presenter : Siva has 13+ years’ experience delivering and managing delivery of Microsoft Stack Applications, using multi-tiered architectures, and MVC Frameworks, and currently manages delivery for all George applications. He is passionate to make things better & simple for development teams adopting industry best practices. He will discuss & demonstrate some of the key CI/CD practices currently being followed in George like Offline Database development with integrated Unit tests, generating auto deployment scripts, key benefits & what the future holds in this space.

Overview of Challenges and progress in setting up CI/CD for IBM IIB/Data power platform

Presenter : Henry has 15+ years’ experience client, server and integration development, and currently has technical oversight and management of UK application integration in Asda – across George, Asda Home Shopping and Retail. He will give the audience an overview of challenges and progress experienced in getting CI/CD up and running on an IBM IIB/DataPower platform, and relate this to getting CI/CD working on non-standard patterns of build/deployment & the future prospects in this space for Integration layer.

What to do when you arrive

Aim to be at Asda House 15 minutes before the start so that we can organise your access to the building.

You will need a recognised photo id to get in the building. We’ll have a colleague waiting at security to welcome you and show you where to go. Refreshments will be available before the presentation.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Asda House soon

If you are an Asda colleague, please register with your asda.co.uk email address