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How can private equity and bank funding support your growth aspirations? Join us to gain the latest insight into the tech sector and the opportunities available for business leaders. Get support to help you grow your tech business!


Our team will be delighted to connect over a drink and discuss how our support can help ambitious leaders of growing tech businesses in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire region to realise their ambitions. In particular, they can cover:

  • Debt financing options and the added value Lloyds Bank can deliver through our digital production innovation
  • Latest insight into the tech sector and the opportunities available for agile business leaders
  • How Lloyds Bank and its partner companies can tailor an employee benefits package for your business to support you in attracting and retaining skilled talent
  • What is private equity and how can it help your business to create value
  • What to expect if you’re looking to attract investment and how to prepare

If you’re curious about private equity partnership or want to learn more about the success that business leaders have enjoyed with LDC and Lloyds Bank, please do pop in.

Supporting Growth in Tech – Lloyds & LDC Drop In Session
01st Oct 2021 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Lloyds & LDC
Issho Kori Bar, Victoria Gate 3rd Floor, Leeds, LS2 7AU

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