Software Engineering Leadership @ WRK

Hosted by WRK digital

Join us for an evening of networking and shared experiences as we bring the Software Engineering Leadership @ WRK series back to Leeds this September as part of the Leeds Digital Festival.

The aim of the meetup is to bring the immensely talented Software Engineering community together to support each other with meaningful connections and shared knowledge. Anyone with an interest in the subject matter is welcome to join us on at the event.

Guest Facilitators:

James Hall, Founder and AWS Hero at Parallax & Josh Nesbitt, CTO & Conference Organiser

Topic: We will be exploring the ‘Misconceptions of Software Engineering Leadership’

It will be an enjoyable and interactive session suitable for up and coming, as well as experienced Technology leaders.

James & Josh will lead a discussion covering common misconceptions such as:

• Adding more developers speeds up projects
• Agile development means no planning
• Code should be optimised right from the beginning of a project
• Usability testing is only done once the product is ready
• Adding more features makes products better
• AI will replace developers

We welcome you to contribute your own misconceptions and invite you to share them in advance or on the night.

Please RSVP using this event page or by emailing [email protected] if preferred.

The evening will start at 6pm with 30 minutes of socialising and introductions, followed by the session before moving onto NorthBrewCo for those that want to continue the conversation.

Food and refreshments will be provided on the evening so please do RSVP.

Special thanks to James Hall and the Parallax team for hosting this one.

Careers & Education, Coding & Software Development, UI/UX/Design
Software Engineering Leadership @ WRK
28th Sep 2023 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by WRK digital
Parallax, Elbow Rooms, 64 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 6DT

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