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Social Media Vs Your Website: Where should you be investing in 2023?

22nd Sep 2022 10:00am - 10:45am Hosted by Xpand

Search marketing has dominated the digital world for some time now.

However, for the first time in the digital world, social media is taking over search marketing.

‘In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search… they go to TikTok or Instagram.” Prabhakar Raghavan – Senior Vice President of Google.

The question is, what does this mean to B to B organisations? Should you be placing more focus on social media rather than your website and SEO? What does this mean for business platforms such as LinkedIn?

The younger generation will ultimately become senior decision makers somewhere down the line, so when is the right time to jump on board and ride the wave without wasting valuable time and money?

Join Jag Panesar of digital marketing agency Xpand to understand the ins and outs to consider for your 2023 digital marketing strategy.

If you’re a business owner or work in marketing in the B to B arena, this webinar is for you.

22nd Sep 2022 10:00am - 10:45am
Hosted by Xpand

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