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Tuesday 23rd April



Sky Two ,
Chadwick Street ,
Leeds , LS10 1QG



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We invite you to an evening at Sky, where we’ll showcase just some of the exciting work our technology teams do on a day-to-day basis. We’ll also be hearing about our Women In Tech scheme and the DC Labs digital transformation journey.

Paul Grave
Principal Technical Architect

# Hydra — building an open-source framework to deploy active/active Kubernetes across multiple cloud vendors

Back in July 2018 Group Digital Platforms engaged with Microsoft to work on how we could solve the problem of creating Kubernetes in an active-active and multi-cloud configuration whilst making it easy for developers to deploy and manage their own clusters.

This talk will discuss the philosophy behind our initial implementation, the tools that we used (Terraform, Akamai, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Azure Kubernetes Service), and why we had to re-think our approach.

Stefan McCready
UI Developer

Atomic design has taken the industry by storm since Brad Frost’s now infamous book. If you’re looking for a consistent look and feel, with reusability in mind, then it’s not hard to see why. Here at Sky we’ve embraced this idea of component driven development and have come a long way in our journey.

Let’s go over that journey, showing you not only where we are today, but how we got there and the struggles we’ve overcome.

Jasmin Rachel Patel
Software Developer

“You’re not what we expected” – A personal account of defying stereotypes and ignoring well-meaning advice in order to land her dream job in Web Development

Matt Harris
Director of Digital Retention

DC Labs at Sky launched in July last year. Let’s walk through our digital transformation journey so far.