Security Essentials

Hosted by ASDA

General security best practices and keeping yourself cyber safe in a growing digital world.


How to make money in the online economy, and become the target of law enforcements globally.

Asda understands that our security and safety is tied in with everyone else’s.  Helping you to improve your online stance makes everybody’s lives that little bit easier.  Well, maybe not the bad guys’ lives 🙂

– Introduction and Common security terms and what they mean

– Social engineering and other family fun!

– Which password is more secure?

– Social media – once posted, always available.

– Further basics of security, including encryption and multi factor authentication.


About the speakers:


Chris Duffy – Senior Analyst


I’m Chris Duffy, a Senior Analyst with Asda’s CyberSecurity section.  I’ve worked in various Cybersecurity roles for the last 20 years, including governance, risk and compliance, as well as technical analysis in network and gateway environments.  As you can tell, I’m not from Leeds; I was born and grew up in Australia, only moving here a few years ago.  In my spare time, I collect breweriana, and game.


Colleen Benger – Risk, Vulnerability and compliance Manager, Information & Cyber Security


Hi, I’m Colleen I have been in the tech team almost a year in September as Risk, Vulnerability and compliance Manager within our Cyber security team.  Managing is what I do best, however Cyber security has been whole new challenge for me, and it’s has taken me right out of my comfort zone, learning a completely new role during lockdown has been a challenge, however with grit and determination and with the support of a fantastic team it has made it so much easier.

I joined Asda almost 13 years ago, as a receptionist within Asda and developed myself from there! Its amazing what you can achieve with the right determination, team, and business to support you on your journey,  I’d never thought all those years ago id be in a leadership position, and I look at me know and how far I have come.

Outside of work – I have been Married for 22 years, my Husband and I have 3 boys together and they very much fill up our spare time, however I do like to have sun holidays and being by the beach or pool and I also love my girly holidays and spa days.

Cyber Security, Data
Security Essentials
28th Sep 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by ASDA
ASDA House, Leeds, LS11 5AD

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