Search, AI and Measurement, Oh My! Welcome to the School of Performance

Hosted by Reprise

Brand marketers are bracing themselves for a perfect storm. Economic uncertainty is softening demand and piling on pressure to demonstrate return on marketing investment. At the same time, changing consumer habits and the emergence of new technology and platforms is making it more difficult (and more expensive) than ever to reach, engage and convert prospective customers in digital channels.

But, this uncertainty represents an opportunity for forward thinking marketers to reset, reflect and rethink their approach to drive long-term, sustainable business growth. This is why Reprise, the world’s largest performance marketing agency, launched the School of Performance, a series of practical and actionable educational events that will equip marketers with the skills and knowledge to find new opportunities, overcome new challenges, accelerate growth and share ideas and perspectives with fellow marketing leaders.

In this event, we’ll cover a range of tips and tactics to help you boost your brand’s performance, including:

  • Why Performance is much more than just “getting people over the line”
  • Why great SEO is essential to great performance
  • How AI is being baked into Google’s products and why it matters
  • How we’re approaching Performance Max and other AI products
  • What we need to do differently in the future as AI becomes commonplace
  • How/why to design a full-funnel measurement framework
  • How to futureproof your decision-making using econometric attribution
  • Why eCommerce is such a hot topic right now
  • How attention can be used to enhance performance




Tom Clough

Allie Tattersall

Claire Elsworth

James Trott

Martin Beauchamp

AI & Machine Learning, Marketing & PR
Search, AI and Measurement, Oh My! Welcome to the School of Performance
29th Sep 2023
10:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Reprise
100 Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 4LT

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