Running on Eggshells

Hosted by Aire Logic

Moving quickly without breaking things is the key to enabling organisations to adapt swiftly to ever-changing market demands.

We will share our tried and tested approach to working in some of the world’s most complex organisations where we have delivered effective change, driven innovation and had a positive impact on the people behind the technology.

Join Aire Logic for an interactive discussion with industry experts who’ve delivered streamlined processes, enhanced decision-making, and achieved strategic objectives with greater agility.


Intended Audience:

The intended audience of this event is business leaders who are struggling to facilitate meaningful analysis of complex organisations and who want to make changes to business technology but need to know where to start.


Jon Churchman is an Enterprise Architect with 25 years of experience across industries and continents. Jon is passionate about driving technological changes via understanding the people and processes that are behind the technology. This combined with his extensive experience across technical and architectural disciplines ensures that he’s an incredible asset wherever he is.

Jody Dunstan is an experienced and personable product manager with a strong technical background. His previous experience in the scientific instrumentation industry has allowed him to think about products with a unique perspective. He’s highly user-focused and is able to elicit meaningful requirements and transform these into innovative products that do more than tick boxes.

Lewis Ford is an Enterprise Architect with a decade of experience spanning various industries, including healthcare, higher education, marketing, manufacturing, and telecommunications. As a Principal Consultant at Aire Logic, he has consistently showcased his expertise in strategic planning and technical solutions. Lewis possesses a remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate complex systems, ensuring alignment with business objectives. His dedication to innovation, combined with his extensive industry knowledge, continues to position him as a highly valued and influential colleague at Aire Logic.

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Other
Running on Eggshells
27th Sep 2023
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Hosted by Aire Logic
Aire Logic HQ, 24-26, Aireside House, Aire St, Leeds LS1 4HT

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