Resolve a Different Type of Conflict with DiSC

Hosted by SPoyser Coaching

Calling all leaders! You’ve heard of Agile, you’ve heard of Kanban, you’ve heard of Scrum; but have you heard of DiSC?

How many times have you had team members who get irritated by their colleagues, misread emails or talk over each other at meetings?

We all differ in our psychological needs at work and these can be seen through ‘predictably different’ behaviours which can lead to conflict between colleagues.

DiSC is a profiling tool that can help you overcome your natural biases in your leadership approach and help understand why your team act in certain ways that may lead to conflict.

This 1.5 hour online webinar is aimed at leaders who want to learn about how a DiSC approach to see if it’s something they want to adopt in their culture to improve team communication and reduce underlying conflict before it becomes a problem.

Now is your chance to get a glimpse of what our leadership courses using DiSC can do for your organisation!

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Resolve a Different Type of Conflict with DiSC
01st Oct 2021 9:00am - 10:30am
Hosted by SPoyser Coaching

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