Realising the value of your Intellectual Property

Hosted by Berwins

The true value of tech businesses does not lie in buildings and physical assets – it lies in its people, and in the intellectual property they create. But what all too many tech businesses overlook is that, though they may have created IP, they don’t automatically own it – and even those who do often fail to unlock its true potential.

That is why understanding how IP is created, commercialised and protected in tech is key to the value of your business. Join us as we:

– Explore what IP is and what it is not
– Show the steps you need to take to properly protect your IP
– Reveal the pitfalls facing companies which fail to do so

We know that there are many pressures in the tech sector. Customers want twice as much in half the time. Sprint times get shorter, requirement specifications get longer, and all you seem to focus on is delivering the next milestone on time. But in the huge rush to release, you may be unintentionally leaking valuable intellectual property into the public domain – and once it is gone, it is gone for good.

Join the experts from Berwins Digital and Page White Farrer to find out how you can protect your business and avoid missing out on the value of your greatest asset.



Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Investing and Fundraising, Startups
Realising the value of your Intellectual Property
22nd Sep 2022 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Berwins
Platform, New Station Street, Leeds

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