Race to Net Zero – Where on Earth is the Starting Line?

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Tuesday 27th April






Maximum Attendance.


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In the UK 30% of FTSE 100 have already committed to net zero goals by 2030. Under increasing scrutiny from shareholders and consumers at large, Net Zero has become part of the modern zeitgeist for communities and corporations, but for many business leaders the challenge is embracing these sustainability goals whilst ensuring they still compete. 

Join our panel discussion, so far including Dr David McKee (Slingshot Simulations), Stephanie Gnissios (Climate Risk Services) and Erin McCreless (Rainforest Trust) who will discuss what it means to commit to Net Zero, sharing practical ideas and insight into how business and organisations must adapt to face down the climate emergency – without losing competitive edge. 


The panel will discuss: 

  • A clear definition of what net zero is and what it means in business (finding that starting line)
  • How businesses and organisations are starting to tackle these issues harnessing big data (preparing for the race)
  • The role of digital twins in the race to net zero (tools for race)
  • Practical steps a business can take now to prepare for net zero (winning)


Race to Net Zero – Where on Earth is the Starting Line? will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. A link will be sent out to all registered attendees ahead of the event.