Project Intimacy

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Monday 21st September






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The way we engage with the world and connect with others has changed overnight. Project Intimacy is a two-week long pervasive experience which aims to combat isolation and form new connections with people from across the country.

Before the experience begins audience members will complete a questionnaire and based on their answers they will be paired with someone for their two-week experience.

Both participants will receive instructions, and through SMS text messaging they will form a remote pairing.
We hope this will encourage people to look beyond their own four walls and to find a meaningful connection with a stranger.

“The highlight of my lockdown. The best thing that I have experienced in months.” — Judy, audience member (June)

“Easily the best digital art I have experienced in a long, long time. Well done Riptide! Thought-provoking, gripping and made me question how I interact with people.” — Stuart, audience member (June)