Diversity and Inclusion, Healthtech, UI/UX/Design

In this session we’ll share stories of digital innovation in health and care which have been driven by personal experience and explore why it’s important to create the conditions where this type of innovation can thrive. With our panel, we’ll ask what makes it hard, how we can lift barriers, what’s missing and what more could be done?

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About Thrive by Design (formerly mHabitat):

Thrive by Design are delighted to be taking part in Leeds Digital Festival again for 2021. We are delivering six sessions themed around being inclusive, digital and green where we will re-imagine health and care to support everyone to thrive.

#ThrivebyDesign – Inclusion | Innovation | Improvement


People powered digital innovation in health and care
24th Sep 2021 9:00am - 10:00am
Hosted by Thrive by Design

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