Open Source Leeds

Hosted by Scott Logic

It’s the inaugural event of this new meetup group dedicated to promoting the use of open source in large enterprises, and we have three fantastic speakers lined up:


Sukhvinder Panesar, Chief Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group on ‘Open Source Contribution in Banking’

In this talk, Sukhvinder will discuss different strategies that are being used in banking to adopt open source. Traditionally, banking has huge legacy estates with common operating models around support for suppliers. Open source creates new opportunities to modernise the estate, along with challenges that must be overcome, as Sukhvinder will explain.


• James Robertson, Software Engineer, Mixcloud

In this talk, James will chart his attempts to open-source some of his own bespoke tools and the challenges of converting projects to work beyond personal use. He’ll also demo his latest tool which allows engineers to keep across all company communications without leaving the comfort of their coding environment.


Colin Eberhardt, CTO, Scott Logic on ‘Open Source Sustainability and our Corporate Social Responsibility’

Modern software is increasingly complex, made up of hundreds or thousands of open source components, hidden away in deeply nested dependency trees. Just how much do we know about these open source components that are an integral part of our products? What are the risks associated with their usage, and our exposure? In this talk, Colin will take a closer look at the make-up of modern software supply chains – we’ll look at where this code comes from, who authored it and how it is distributed – ultimately asking ourselves the question, “Is this sustainable?”

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Coding & Software Development, Fintech
Open Source Leeds
29th Sep 2021 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Hosted by Scott Logic
Avenue HQ, 10–12 East Parade, Leeds LS1 2BH

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