Not everyone benefits from the same management style as you!

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Friday 2nd October






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Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, this event will be delayed from Friday morning 2nd October, and moved to Friday 30th October at 11 am; and an additional evening date added on Wednesday 4th November at 6 pm to accommodate more people to attend.


It’s hard enough managing staff without being in a pandemic, but it is so much more challenging when we are all working from home.

How many times have you not been able to see someone is struggling with a task or that they are becoming exhausted by endless video meetings? Or misread an email? Or become unorganised? You probably don’t know as staff are less likely to tell us when we are not there.

We all differ in what we find easy and exhausting at work, and what your staff find exhausting might be different to you.

Help overcome the natural bias as a leader to think that your staff need the same approach as you, and start to understand yourself and the team you lead in a different way through their DiSC styles in this 1 hour webinar.