May Day Play Day

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Wednesday 1st May

12:00 –13:30


Nexus ,
Discovery Way ,
Leeds , LS2 3AA



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Go places you can’t normally go with our interactive VR environments; see and interact with real patients using the Microsoft Hololens®, watch your heart beating through an Augment Reality t-shirt (Virtuali-tee), play computer games with our MyPAM robot, go on a virtual geology field trip, and watch stars form and evolve over millions of years before your very eyes!

12:00 – 12:30
What’s on Show? Find out about immersive technologies at University of Leeds and the activities you can get involved with in the Have A Go area. (10 minute quick-fire presentations from all of the demonstration stands.)

12:00 – 13:30
Come and have a go! Drop in to our VR and AR fun and interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. See and use a range of immersive technology that is currently being used across Schools at the University of Leeds within Medicine, Healthcare, Astrophysics, Engineering and Environment.


Faculty of Earth & Environment:

Virtual Landscapes – Explore virtual reality environments using Unity 3D game engine to improve your geological field-mapping skills.

Faculty of Engineering:

MyPAM robot – Designed and refined over many years of research, MyPAM is a robotic joystick, connected to a computer and screen, which patients can use in their own home to complement the hands-on treatment which they receive from their physiotherapist. Come and play our Unity 3D computer games, set in a range of virtual worlds. Attend to a virtual garden – the robot arm will help you rake the lawn, sow the seeds and water the plants! Another game is set within a wacky world of banana-grabbing monkeys.

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences:

Planetary 3D hologram:

This fun and interactive workshop uses 3D holograms to tell the story of star formation, in which you can watch a cluster form and evolve over millions of years before your very eyes, in a matter of minutes! You can also make your own smart phone-sized hologram projector which can be used in conjunction with our App to evolve clusters at home and learn about our cutting-edge research findings on star formation at the University of Leeds.

Leeds Institute of Medical Education:

The Microsoft Hololens® – a Mixed Reality headset which allows the wearer to ‘see’ a hologram of a patient and also their own physical environment. The headset wearer can walk around the hologram and watch as a medical emergency (anaphylaxis) takes place, and discuss with other users how to respond to this particular case.

Virtual Reality Histopathology – a fully immersive Virtual Reality tour of the histopathology laboratories at St James’ hospital. Produced in-house, it is filmed in 360-degree video with full descriptive audio narration and includes interactive hotspots that launch pop-up text boxes and HD video clips.

Virtuali-tee is T-shirt which allows people to visualise the anatomy of any person wearing the T-shirt via an ipad using Augmented Reality technology.

These sessions are highly interactive and will run multiple times through the event.

This event is part of the University of Leeds Showcase.

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