Mastering Your Reputation – From Navigating Brand Crisis’s to Dominating Google Page 1 SERPs

Hosted by Igniyte

Do we take our online reputation and digital footprint seriously enough? Perhaps we should.


Just ask Brewdog, Ollie Robinson, or Matt Hancock on how vital online reputation is.

Trust us. Prior to engaging with you, people will search for you or your brand name via Google. What will they think when they see the results? More importantly what will they say?

Perfecting your online reputation and securing a clear digital footprint is crucial to boosting your career potential and key to becoming a brand people can really trust in!

Are you using all the latest digital tools and techniques available to master your reputation? How could your lack of press coverage, stellar social media presence, or the squeaky-clean digital footprint be affecting you?

It’s not just about customer reviews or social media, it’s about ensuring every online touch point about you presents the right picture and removing any negative online content harming your brand.

Reputation Management experts Roz Sheldon and Andrew Hulland from Igniyte – the UK’s leading online reputation management consultancy, will talk on how to perfect online reputation.


The talk will cover:

o Corporate communication tips and crisis communication in 2021
o Actionable tips for business leaders to boost their digital footprint via online press coverage
o Monitoring your online reputation using leading software and tools
o How to tackle negative reputations via digital PR tools and online legalities
o How you can take control over the search results of your name and affiliations
o How to permanently remove negative or unwanted internet content about you (including your digital privacy rights)
o Legalities on how to remove search results no longer relevant and potentially damaging your career.


Igniyte frequently speak to outlets such as has The Telegraph and The I Paper about all thing’s online reputation management. Igniyte is the author of recent titles A Guide to Building Your Company Reputation Online and A Guide to Managing Your Teenager’s Personal Information Online.

Marketing & PR, Social & Networking
Mastering Your Reputation – From Navigating Brand Crisis’s to Dominating Google Page 1 SERPs
28th Sep 2021 9:00am - 9:45am
Hosted by Igniyte
Park House, 24 Park Square, Leeds, LS1 2PW

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