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Living with Machines – Workshop: Developing ethical and fair AI for society and business

29th Sep 2022 1:30pm - 5:00pm Hosted by British Library

Is intelligence a human right? How will we live and work with machines in the future? Do you want to learn how to manage, measure and apply Ethics in Intelligent Machines?

Join us to explore these questions and more in our hands-on AI Ethics workshop from 1:30pm.

The workshop will be delivered by Sherin Mathew, the CEO of AI Tech North, is an AI technologist, and also an active ethicist and activist. Sherin is the founder of Human Rights to intelligence and Public Intelligence initiative. He will be sharing how considering human rights, sustainability goals, managing disruption and risk will help build long-term ethical innovations and create new opportunities.

This workshop is for people who want to learn more about ethics management – i.e. practically applying and managing ethics in AI. The afternoon workshop is followed by a separate evening event from 5:30pm.

29th Sep 2022 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Hosted by British Library
Leeds City Museum

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