Careers, Data, Fintech

This live-streamed interactive session presents five lightning talks and a panel discussion featuring some of the most experienced engineering, design, and delivery consultants at Infinity Works. We’ll talk about cool projects we’ve done across fintech, automotive, gaming, and more, offering insights into our ways of working that have enabled us to deliver some huge projects that have shaped their industries.

What does it take to build a £1bn tech unicorn from a standing start?

How do you handle millions of customers hitting your website simultaneously? Mining data from billions of transactions to tailor personalised marketing to customers? Or an entire nation’s football-mad fans playing games and placing bets, all waiting on your app for the match day final scores?

Learn how we did all that and more, pick up some top tips, and gain an inside view into life at a fast-moving company that blends innovation, technical excellence, and endless fun – as we bring you: Challengers and transformers – tales of digital transformation at the cutting edge.

Lightning talks | Challengers and transformers – Tales of digital transformation at the cutting edge
30th Sep 2021 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Hosted by Infinity Works

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