Let’s Disband the Marketing Team…

Hosted by Glean

…and build a new structure fit for a modern digital organisation.

Glean used to have a Marketing Team. Now it doesn’t.

Instead, Product Marketing, Brand, and Growth Marketing teams work alongside each other to achieve distinct but cohesive goals and drive the company’s growth.

In this session, Glean’s former Head of Marketing will discuss the why and how behind the transition and share some of the results they’ve already seen including:

  • Increased lead generation

  • Improved alignment between internal teams

  • Huge boosts in brand awareness

Plus, representatives from Glean’s different marketing functions will be on hand running breakout sessions, so whether you’re exploring your next career move or want to implement a new structure for your business, come chat to us!

Charles Hague
Charles leads the Product Marketing function at Glean, helping more learners become confident in their studies. He’s passionate about customer centricity and continually learning and sharing what great marketing looks like
Paddy Heaton
After 3 years of playing guitar for a job, Paddy turned his hand to Marketing at an international conference company, travelling regularly to the US to run events for founders of some of the world’s biggest software companies. Now, he’s the Growth Marketing Manager at Glean, managing cross-channel campaigns and hosting webinars.
Sarah Hardy
Bringing 15+ years of digital marketing experience to her role as Brand Manager at Glean, Sarah is a firm believer in the power of storytelling paired with meaningful metrics. Her approach to optimising brand performance combines communication, creativity, analytics, and above all, constant learning.

Katherine Threadgold

Katherine spearheads all things Brand at Glean, building our reputation as an innovative, challenger brand in the EdTech and learning space. With over a decade’s experience in Marketing, Brand, and Creative, Katherine has worked both agency and client-side with a focus on impact-driven, creative projects. More recently, Katherine has delivered the global rebrand of Glean with the additional challenge of category creation. She regularly speaks about brand, strategic storytelling, and learning science at international events.

Marketing & PR
Let’s Disband the Marketing Team…
27th Sep 2023 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Glean
Glean, Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds, LS10 1PZ

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