Leeds Trinity Escape Boxes

Hosted by Leeds Trinity University

The aim of this project is to engage the public with computer science, to get them to think about their own cybersecurity, and what they can do to ensure they keep themselves as safe as possible. A secondary aim is to engage with the younger generation and pique their interest in the possibility of a career in computer science.

The scenario: The university is under attack from hackers. The university’s security is weakening under the attack, and they need urgent help. Are you able to prevent disaster and unlock the code? Put your team to the test in the LTU Escape Box. But beware; you have only 10 minutes to crack the code.

This escape box challenge is open to teams of ideally 2–4 people. The host reads out a scenario and explains the rules. The timer is started, and the players need to escape the box (the box can be placed on a table and the players stand around it). The host can then choose whether to help with tips or to stand back and observe, this will vary depending on the ages and abilities of the players.

The entire activity lasts about 20 minutes.

Careers & Education, Coding & Software Development
Leeds Trinity Escape Boxes
27th Sep 2023
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Hosted by Leeds Trinity University
The Atrium at Leeds Trinity University Brownberrie Lane Horsforth LS18 5HD

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