LEEDS 2023 – Art with A.I

Hosted by LEEDS 2023

Join LEEDS 2023 and make art with Artificial Intelligence.

Get inspired by generating your own artwork with just a description of what you want to see. Learn about generating artworks from Artificial Intelligence and get a copy of your own digital artwork.

No previous experience or knowledge is needed!
Drop-in session between 12.30 and 17:00.


About LEEDS 2023:

LEEDS 2023 will be a landmark year of culture for Leeds and our wider region. Starting on 1st January 2023 will be an extraordinary, year-long programme of creative experiences. Co-created with local, national and international artists, LEEDS 2023 will be for Leeds, with Leeds and inspired by Leeds.

A showcase of creativity across all forms of culture: from dance to design, art to architecture, poetry to pop, sculpture to sport, grassroots community theatre to performances on our world-class stages, LEEDS 2023 will have something for everyone.

Fuelled by a belief in the power of artistic expression and cultural experiences to transform lives, LEEDS 2023 will unlock talent and creative opportunities for people from every district in the city.

New connections, collaborations, creative excellence and friendships forged in building LEEDS 2023 will play a vital role in our city’s journey to becoming a cultural giant in the world; one that benefits all Leeds people now and long into the future.

AI & Machine Learning, Arts, Culture & Music
LEEDS 2023 – Art with A.I
23rd Sep 2022
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by LEEDS 2023
2 Brewery Place Leeds LS10 1NE

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