Leading Change: Debugging DEI in Tech

Hosted by Transition Partners

By signing up for this event you will learn about initiatives, processes and actions you can adopt to encourage more diverse, fair and inclusive workplaces for tech professionals.

This event will include a panel discussion with five tech industry leaders prevalent within the Leeds digital community:

Sandra Patel – Your event host, CEO of Transition Partners and an active member of Women in Tech.

Cleveland Henry – Group Delivery & Deployment Director at EMIS Group plc, Non-Exec Director at Leeds & York Partnership NHS and Trustee at Leeds Community Foundation.

Bethany Gildersleve – MD Technology at Sky Bet at Sky Betting & Gaming who is passionate about DEI. She’s risen to her success without learning to code!

Jonathan Wright – Partner at Abstract, a software solutions delivery & technical recruitment firm.

Amelia Taylor – Global System Integrators & Advisory Partner Manager EMEA at SailPoint Technologies.


5.30pm – Arrival, meet & greet, drinks provided

5.45pm – Panel discussion, including a 15min Q&A (see brief below)

6.30pm – Break for food

6.45pm – Break out into groups to discuss a specific talking point from the day. We’ve found this a
great way for people to socialise and network. The topic will be preset for each table.

7.15pm – Post event drinks and networking

Panel Discussion:

This will be led by Sandra Patel – CEO of Transition Partners.

We will allow each guest a one-minute intro to introduce themselves and then get started discussing our major talking points and questions. The audience are encouraged to interact throughout this discussion.

The major talking points include:

1. Introduction to the topic and the current landscape of DEI in tech. We will remind the audience that diversity encompasses various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds – as well as various lifestyles, experiences and interests.
Therefore, in our discussion we will try to speak about some of the lesser discussed topics in today’s industry e.g. menopause, miscarriage, dyslexia, depression / anxiety, neurodiversity and social backgrounds.

2. Start by looking inside your own workplace: how can business leaders create an environment that supports the constructive discussion around these lesser discussed matters? e.g. ways to engage staff and encourage openness.

3. What provisions can business leaders make to support people going through these experiences? e.g. tailoring workplace facilities to be more accommodating to a specific employee’s conditions, creating inclusive & supportive policies.

4. When hiring, what can we do to be as inclusive as possible? e.g. adapting interview processes for autistic / neurodiverse candidates.

The event will take place at Abstract’s offices in Leeds city centre: Abstract Tech, 21 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EH. Any questions, feel free to email our event host Sandra at: [email protected]
Diversity and Inclusion, Social & Networking
Leading Change: Debugging DEI in Tech
21st Sep 2023 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by Transition Partners
Abstract Tech, 21 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EH

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