Launching an enterprise-powered start-up: 12 Technical Takeaways

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Wednesday 24th April



Zenith ,
Number One, Great Exhibition Way, Kirkstall Forge ,
Leeds , LS5 3BF



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At Zenith, we do things differently. We may have the badge of ‘enterprise’, but we understand that flexible and scalable platform delivery is about thinking lean, innovating and driving forward.

Join us at our HQ at Kirkstall Forge for a selection of local beers and pies on our roof terrace, followed by an open and honest talk from our internal development team.

We’re known for a lot of things (no, not watches or insurance…!)
A look behind-the-screens at Leeds-based Zenith, one of the UK’s fast growing multi-million-pound companies

Scaling up with Azure Native Cloud: tomorrow’s processing power, today.
Building a robust infrastructure – what we did and what we learned

How we harnessed the power of our tech stack.
A look at utilisation of React.js, Sitecore and .Net Core Microservices

12 technical takeaways.
We’re talking auto-scaling, rapid provisioning, build pipelines, integration, customer experience and more…

We’ll also be sharing some of our future plans and the key decisions we have to make.