KPMG:Code x IT’S HER Future

Hosted by KPMG

Streamed a movie, listened to music on your phone or ordered a take away? You have been interacting with technology each time you do this. Have you ever been interested in how it works but it felt too complicated or too difficult to get into?

KPMG:Code want to show you that anyone can get involved with technology – join us and get hands on coding in Python.

You need no experience to join as we will take you through the fundamentals of coding and have you creating a game in Python by the end of the session.

Join Safia Mirza and Jake Wyke  as they will take you through the fundamentals of coding. Within 10 minutes you will be writing your first script and by the end you will have created a full rock, paper, scissors game. You will be using strings, variables, conditionals, input and loops (don’t know what any of these words mean? Don’t worry we will teach you all about these). Partnered with the award-winning IT’S Her Future, you can speak to some amazing women technologists and learn about their journeys in technology.


About the speakers:

Safia Mirza is a Lead DevOps Engineer and Jacob Wyke is an Engineering Lead at KPMG. They use the public cloud, Azure, AWS and GCP to create and maintain client solutions. They are both passionate about making technology a more diverse and accessible space and have broken two world records in technology – ‘most users to take an online computer programming lesson in 24 hours’ and ‘most views of a cloud technology lesson video on YouTube in 24 hours’

Coding & Software Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Social & Networking
KPMG:Code x IT’S HER Future
28th Sep 2022 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by KPMG
KPMG 1 Sovereign Square Sovereign Street, Leeds LS1 4DA

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