Kotlin: Time to Get Onboard or another flash in the pan?

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Tuesday 30th April



Coronet House, Queen Street ,
Leeds , LS1 2TW



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Presented by Ricky Barefield, BJSS Technical Architect and Server Side Development Capability Lead.

Kotlin is unquestionably on the rise and many argue that its features lead to cleaner code with less boilerplate than you tend to see in Java. However, Kotlin isn’t the first JVM language to challenge Java and others have tended to lead to changes in Java which ultimately mean those languages lose some of their advantages. If Kotlin is doomed to follow that path, is it worth our investment, from a developers point of view or from a business’s viewpoint that may struggle to resource for a Kotlin code base in years to come? Or, perhaps Kotlin is different, some people point to its ambitions beyond the JVM as what makes this truly different or even Android’s official backing.

So, let’s get together and decide. We’ll start with a couple of short demos of its best bits before moving on to some informal discussion over breakfast.

If Java, Kotlin, Scala or Groovy are your thing you might find this relevant, you might just be an interested observer. Perhaps you need to help guide a business decision. Whoever and whatever you do, you’re welcome and there will be no pressure to have or express an opinion.

Light breakfast will be provided.


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