Jet* Boy, Jet* Girl (Ça Train Pour Moi)

Hosted by Collaborative Institute

One of the ugly issues around decarbonisation is the failure of the transport to get better, mostly because people need to get out of planes and cars. While cycling and walking are great, if you want to get from Stockholm to Leeds you might want something a bit faster.

Using data science™ this talk will make the case for a high-speed railway powered using renewable electricity as a really efficient way to travel about Europe, and using on population and geography data will use electronic-crayons to look at what an ideal, fully-automated European luxury high-speed rail network might look like. While trying to answering questions like “Where we are today?” and “Where we do we need to be tomorrow?”

If you would like to join him on the Solstice Eve, your speaker is Will Deakin, with 25-years of being paid to work with technology, Will is Network Rail’s IT Delivery Trains Portfolio Architect and the European Infrastructure Manager speaker at the European Agency for Railways’ data interface change board by day, and data associate at the Collaborative Institute by night.

There will words about the day job and ask those who are interested in data-visualisation, network and graph creation, rail and public transport, or crayons should come along. Plane enthusiasts less so.

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Speakers Include:

Coding & Software Development, Data, Sustainability & Net Zero
Jet* Boy, Jet* Girl (Ça Train Pour Moi)
22nd Sep 2023 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by Collaborative Institute

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