Is the Metaverse Dead?

Hosted by Walker Morris LLP & BDO

The long-theorised concept of ‘the metaverse’ crashed in mainstream consciousness in 2021 when Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebrand as Meta in a now infamous demonstration of a future virtual world where our digital avatar’s could play poker with robots on a spaceship whilst sharing IRL videos of their dogs.


Two years later, Zuck’s Meta utopia remains far from a (virtual) reality. With the company’s first iteration – Horizon Worlds – failing to resonate in any meaningful way and multiple rounds of staff layoffs at Meta in 2023, many take the view that metaverse was a failed marketing gimmick. A quirk for the history books, not a model for the future.


But is ‘the metaverse’ truly dead? As with many emerging technologies, only after the initial hype subsides do the true game-changing use cases emerge. And what even is ‘the metaverse’? Can a single definition be applied or is it actually many different things?


Hear from a panel of experts across different sectors discuss what the technology means to them and whether they see any future applications in their industry:

Luke Jackson, Director, Walker Morris Luke Jackson | LinkedIn

Dr Jan Smith, Chief Executive Officer, MindYourself App Dr Jan Smith, PhD, CPsychol | LinkedIn

Jonathan Rowan – BDO LLP Jonathan Rowan | LinkedIn

Ian Douthwaite – Dubit Ian Douthwaite | LinkedIn

Chris Gibson MBE – The Growth Pod Chris Gibson MBE | LinkedIn


The panel will be followed with pizza and drinks for an opportunity to network with others.

VR/AR, Web3 & Metaverse
Is the Metaverse Dead?
19th Sep 2023
4:30pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Walker Morris LLP & BDO
Walker Morris LLP, 33 Wellington Street, LS1 4DL

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