Is Green Cloud the Silver Lining for your Sustainability Goals?

Hosted by Vanquis Bank, Iridium & Axiologik

A sustainable corporate strategy is no longer an ESG ideal, but an imperative for all companies, with regulators, investors, employees and customers now expecting companies to do more to reduce their carbon footprint and commit to a sustainable future. What’s more, recent statistics show that industries that are embracing and actively working towards combatting climate change are performing more efficiently – and often more profitably – than those that don’t.

Even if sustainability hasn’t been at the heart of your business’s agenda, you may well have already started your incremental journey to carbon neutrality. A migration to the Cloud could have the equivalent impact of removing 22 million cars off the road and continued adoption of Cloud computing can prevent more than one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions between 2021 and 2024.

With sustainability now at the heart of B2C and B2B purchasing decisions, it’s time to recognise how Cloud adoption can significantly help organisations reach their sustainable objectives.

In this intimate session, Cloud transformation experts from leading Fintech Bank, Vanquis, part of the Provident Financial Group, growing IT transformation consultancy, Iridium, and digital transformation firm, Axiologik, share expert guidance on exceeding sustainability goals through the transformation of digital Infrastructure.

If meeting consumer demands, increasing efficiency, attracting talent and creating opportunities is important to you, join Vanquis Bank, Iridium and Axiologik at Leeds Digital Festival for refreshments and invaluable insights that could transform your organisation’s sustainability strategy.


Vanquis Bank

Vanquis Bank, part of the Provident Financial Group, combines over a century of heritage in the financial sector with industry-leading money management technology to provide customers with opportunities to access credit where it may otherwise not be available.



Iridium, based in Leeds, works with clients predominantly in the financial and utility sectors to provide deliverables-based solutions and specialist IT services spanning Business Transformation, Cards, Migrations, Cyber Security, Quality Assurance and Cloud.

The consultancy prides itself on offering the same levels of expertise as the Big Four professional service consultancies, yet with a much more agile service that’s relevant for businesses today.

Brett Hargreaves, Cloud Practice lead at Iridium, who also heads up Cloud for Vanquis Bank, will join our expert panel to discuss all things Green Cloud and what this means for a business’s sustainability journey – whatever stage it’s at. A published author and former Principle Azure Architect at Deloitte, Brett works closely with clients across financial, legal and utility sectors, to deliver tailored strategies that lower costs, increase resilience, enhance scalability and improve sustainability.



Axiologik is a Leeds-based consultancy that specialises in helping businesses evolve their digital services and products with agility, and at pace. They make technology make a difference, which is core to their culture of continual, sustainable, and digitally-driven change.

Axiologik has insight and experience in areas such as Product, Data, Architecture, Engineering and Cloud, and are experts in scaling delivery teams that deal with immediate problems, whilst focusing on longer-term strategic outcomes.

Gordon Cullum is the Technology Director at Axiologik. Gordon leads the definition of Axiologik’s services and solutions through their delivery practices, in addition to supporting all clients with the transformation strategies.

Since beginning his tech career over 20 years ago, Gordon has helped to deliver multiple large-scale digital transformation projects, including developing the first iteration of “The Spine” – the IT infrastructure which underpins health and social care in the UK – and critical digital health services such as the Summary Care Record and electronic prescriptions. Most recently, Gordon has led on the UK Health Security Agency engagement, overseeing the entire Test and Trace portfolio for which Axiologik provides architecture, delivery and product management services.



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Is Green Cloud the Silver Lining for your Sustainability Goals?
27th Apr 2022
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Hosted by Vanquis Bank, Iridium & Axiologik
Axiologik, Unit 4, St Davids Court, St David's Court, David St, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 5QA

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