Is Generative AI Tearing Up the Rulebook for B2B Search Marketing?

Hosted by Sharp Ahead

Search marketing seems set for radical changes, with new AI-chat-enabled products including Bing Chat and Google Bard offering a new user experience. Do B2B search marketers need to brace themselves for a massive technology shift?

In this session we’ll take a down-to-earth look at today’s realities and tomorrow’s prospects for AI-enabled search for B2B marketing.

Topics will include:

The current state of Bing Chat and Google Bard for B2B – are they any good?

What B2B marketers can do now to prepare for change

Ways to use generative AI behind the scenes to get an unfair advantage in B2B search marketing

Who should attend:

B2B marketers and commercial managers with an interest in search marketing (SEO and PPC), content marketing and marketing strategies

Anyone who uses a search engine regularly for business-related activities


The presenter:

Dr John Woods MBA is cofounder of Leeds-based B2B digital marketing agency Sharp Ahead. He’s a former scientist and data-centric software engineer turned digital marketing strategist. In a 30-year career he’s worked with neural networks and predictive analytics since long before they were trendy and has seen quite a few “next big things” become yesterday’s news. He’s looking forward to guiding you through the AI hype.

Speakers Include:

AI & Machine Learning, Marketing & PR
Is Generative AI Tearing Up the Rulebook for B2B Search Marketing?
21st Sep 2023 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Sharp Ahead

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