SOLD OUT – Introduction to Python for Data Analytics

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Thursday 2nd–Friday 3rd May



Training Room 11.06 ,
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Worsley building, Clarendon Way ,
Leeds , LS2 9JT



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This two-day course provides an introduction to Python programming with a focus on data analytics. The course will introduce some basics in Python programmings such as data types, basic operations, data sequences and data structures, control flows, exceptions and object-oriented programming. We will then focus on working with actual data, such as survey data, time-series data, JSON data (e.g. Twitter data), and geospatial data. This will include visualization and statistical analysis of numerical data. The course will also give an introduction in spatial analyses and visualization of geospatial data and an introduction into natural language processing and text mining of large textual data. Short lectures will be interspersed with hands-on practical exercises with plenty of opportunities to work with real data of various types.

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