Innovation in action: disrupt your industry in 60 minutes!

Hosted by Credera

An envelope marked ‘YOUR NEXT BIG PROJECT’ will greet you as you sit down, which holds a task written by your new CEO.


All you’ve heard through the grapevine is that this project requires you and your team to innovate your company in the next six months due to rapid changes in the marketplace.


Where do you start? What’s the right process to get to this visionary goal?


In this hands-on session, we will split you into teams and give you a “real life” scenario to try and solve, with our consultants on hand to guide you through best practice. The group with the best solution will win their CEO’s respect and perhaps a shiny prize…


We’ll start with a short introduction on what we mean by innovation and why it is crucial, especially now. We will then give an outline of the steps we recommend to our clients who are looking to innovate before letting you loose to put these skills into action.


Join us after the scenario for some networking, nibbles, and negroni. (It will probably be beer or wine in reality; we just really like the alliteration.)

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Social & Networking, UI/UX/Design
Innovation in action: disrupt your industry in 60 minutes!
23rd Sep 2021
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Hosted by Credera
Platform, New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 4JB

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