In Conversation With AI: Using ChatGPT to Create High-Impact Online Learning

Hosted by Candle Digital

It’s difficult to overestimate the potential that AI tools like ChatGPT have to revolutionise our personal and professional lives. It is unlikely that any sector will be untouched by its impact, whether healthcare, marketing, retail or finance.

The education and training sector is no different.

We’ve been exploring the future potential by integrating simulated online conversations into Martin Mellor’s online finance programmes and we’re excited to share our findings.

Join this virtual talk to learn:

– Why we chose simulated conversations to elevate the learning experience

– How we seamlessly integrated ChatGPT into Martin’s online learning platform

– First-hand responses from our pilot students

– Successes and challenges we encountered along the way

– Our vision for the future of AI-driven education


This virtual talk will be hosted by Andy Jack, co-founder at Candle Digital and Martin Mellor, owner of Mellor Financial Training. Andy and the Candle Digital team work with subject experts to help them turn their knowledge and skills into high-impact online learning products. As an experienced financial director, Martin understands the challenges many people have with jargon, documents and assessing the financial performance of a business. He now helps organisations and individuals enhance their understanding of finance in business, through online, blended and bespoke training courses.

The 30-minute talk will be followed by a Q&A session. This event will be delivered on Zoom.

AI & Machine Learning, Careers & Education
In Conversation With AI: Using ChatGPT to Create High-Impact Online Learning
20th Sep 2023 3:00pm - 3:45pm
Hosted by Candle Digital

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